Stenocom GmbH Bitte wählen Sie Ihre Sprache. Please choose your language. COMPUTER-COMPATIBLE STENOGRAPHY  Computer with Stenokeyboard  The shorthand machine is designed to enable the reporter to hit one, two or more keys at the same time. This makes it possible to hit up to 20 keys simultaneously. For many letters, there is no one special key on the keyboard. For these letters, the reporter must hit special combinations of several letters. With one stroke, at least one syllable can be written. With the keys in the left field of the keyboard, the stenographer writes the initial sound of a syllable, with the keys in the down field the vowels are written, and with the keys on the right field the final sound of a syllable is written. Apart from these keys, there is a bar for the numbers, and there are also keys for macros and special combinations. For prefixes, suffixes, phrases, and frequently used words, short forms or briefs are utilized. Because of the encryption, the stenographer has to hit even more keys than someone who uses a normal computer keyboard. But the number of keys which must be hit for one word is a subordinate matter, as the stenographer is able to hit, for example, ten keys in nearly the same amount of time. More important is the number of strokes and the speed in which the stenographer is able to capture the spoken word and change it into the stenographic language. example: longhand: 88 strokes Ladies and Gentlemen! The people want to have calculability and stability. shorthand: 12 strokes HRAEUPLBG STPH T PAOEPL WAPBT TO*F KAL KUL BLT APBD STABLT FPLT (All the keys between the spaces are written with one stroke.) When using an electronic shorthand machine, the strokes are saved electronically. With the help of a long-life battery, it is possible to work approximately 24 hours without electricity. The keyboard of the shorthand machine also has the added benefit of almost silent operation. If the shorthand machine is connected to a computer, the text which is translated from shorthand into longhand by the software can be instantaneously read. The steno notes can be saved several ways at the same time: on the steno paper, on disk, on RAM in the machine and on the RAM of the computer. If a computer is not available while taking notes with your machine, the saved information can be read into the computer at a later time from the disk or RAM and thereafter translated.       Copyright © Stenocom GmbH, 2015